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    Lyris ListManager
    Email management software

      Welcome to Lyris ListManager, the most proven opt-in email list software for email marketing, email newsletters, and email discussions.

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    Benefits of Lyris ListManager

      Lyris ListManager offers several important advantages, including:

      • Simple web forms to build opt-in lists quickly
      • An administrator-friendly web interface
      • High speed delivery of unique email messages
      • Automated, hassle-free email error handling
      • SQL database compatability for demographic mailings

      ListManager is used by several thousand companies worldwide to run email marketing campaigns, publish newsletters and e-zines, and hold online discussions. At Lyris, we help our customers manage opt-in email lists of a few thousand members to millions—all reliably, quickly and ethically!

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    Why use an email list manager?

      Email lists are the best way to contact many people at once. Most desktop email programs have some list u, but they're designed to send mail to small groups. To manage a list that has 1,000—or a million!—names properly, you need specialized software.

      And that's where your Lyris ListManager server excels. ListManager will take you far beyond the capability of your typical desktop email program. For example, you can:

      • Promote a weekly special offer to a list of 50,000 customers
      • Publish a monthly electronic newsletter to a list of subscribers
      • Enable a list of employees to conduct an online email discussion

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